Biogas Compendium 2021/22

Manual of European Waste-to-Biogas Plants in Germany and Europe




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Data basis of the Biogas Compendium 2021/22

Biowaste biogas plants in Germany

The data for the documentation of plants in Germany was based on the Biogas Compendium 2014/15, supplemented by extensive research of new biowaste biogas plants. Only plants that have at least approval status were taken into account. Plants that are currently in the planning stage were not taken into account.

The plant-specific data in the profiles and the photos were generally provided by the plant operators. The basis for this was an extensive questionnaire survey. If no operator information on the plant was available, the data was obtained from publicly accessible sources (internet, media, etc.). The respective data source is indicated in the profiles.

Residual waste biogas plants in Germany

The data collection of residual waste biogas plants (mechanical biological treatment plants / MBT plants) in Germany was carried out by the ASA – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stoffspezifische Abfallbehandlung, Ennigerloh (Germany) by means of a questionnaire.

European biogas plants on the basis of waste to biogas

The data basis for the documentation of the biogas plants outside Germany was provided by various system suppliers for biogas plants which are also represented in this book. In addition, data and information from the national biogas associations in Austria (Austrian Compost & Biogas Association, Vienna) and Italy (Consorzio Italiano Compostatori, Treviglio, Italy) were taken into account. The Witzenhausen Institute did neither conduct any further research nor verify the information with the plant operators.

Correctness of information

A proof sheet was sent to all operators of the German plants and the individual system suppliers after the preparation of the respective plant description with a request to check resp. supplement the information. Corresponding requests for changes were included in the Biogas Compendium.

The publisher accepts no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.